Overnight Care

Overnight Care

Relief when you need it most

Are you providing care for a loved one 24×7?

​Assisting them throughout the day and up several times at night?

When you need to get a good night’s sleep and your loved one needs care overnight, we’re there to help.  Our caregivers can assist with getting you or your loved one prepared and in to bed, be available overnight as needed and then assist with their morning routine to start the day.

Other Scheduling Options of C.A.R.E.

Live-In & Daily Care

You or your loved one gets the benefit of care during the most important times of morning, mid-day, and evening. Caregivers remain in the home throughout the day for the safety and confidence of your loved one.  Caregivers prepare meals, provide companionship throughout the day, and support exercise and activities.

Hourly Care

Together with your care manager, you determine the time of day, and the frequency and duration of each care visit to maximize the benefit to your loved one. Many clients start out with care a few times per week and increase as their needs expand.  Others need a lot of care to start and as they get better, they are able to selectively cut back. Regardless of your needs, we’ve got solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Compassion. Affection. Reliable. Excellence.

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