Take this test to assess a need for in-home care

Do you have an aging spouse, parent, other relative or friend who needs help with…
1   Dressing and undressing?
2   Driving or using public transportation?
3   Shopping for groceries and clothing?
4   Preparing healthy, regular meals?
5   Taking a bath or shower?
6   Getting in and out of bed?
7   Having social interaction and companionship?
8   Using the bathroom?
9   Doing laundry or light housekeeping?
10   Remaining active and interested in life and hobbies?
11   Walking, climbing stairs and getting around the house easily?
12   Remembering to take medications?
13   Practicing prescribed physical therapy exercises?

If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, call us @ 919-373-2273 to arrange for your FREE assessment.

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